The Magnavem
The Magnavem is a street performance involving puppetry, circus, speculative biology, theatre and philosophy. The show is created and performed by Camille Paycha and Noortje Sanders. Ready for summer 2020
A big messy pile of daily objects is facing a duo of builders. The goal is to make this pile of things become a giant bird of the future that can open its mouth and move its wings. The Magnavem, a type of bird that will only exist long after the extinction of humankind. The performance also consists of the interactions happening between the humans and the being-made-animal.

By bringing this bird to life, Camille and Noortje are exploring the unbearable idea that a world could exist without us. In a post-human situation, we highlight the place of human's fantasy in (speculative) science to both reassure ourselves and for pure fun.